The Top Social Media Clubs with Global Popularity

The International Center for Sports Research (CIES) has published club observation statistics around the world through June 2023.

And yet the dominance of the two poles of Spanish football, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​who compete outside and inside the stadium.

Real Madrid tops the list of most followed clubs with 363 million followers (79.9 million followers on Twitter, 135 million followers on Instagram, 117 million followers on Facebook and 30.8 million followers on Tik Tok).

In second place is Barcelona with 342 million followers (82.8 million on Twitter, 119 million on Instagram, 112 million on Facebook and 28.3 million on Tik Tok).

It is noted that Real Madrid has surpassed all social media platforms except Twitter, which Barcelona has surpassed in terms of the number of followers.

As for third place, it went to Manchester United with 206 million followers, followed by Paris Saint-Germain, France, with 187 million followers, and in fifth place was Italy’s Juventus with 144 million. subscribers. .

The list saw the emergence of Egypt’s Al-Ahli in 17th place among global teams with 44.8 million followers, while Saudi Arabia’s victory came in nineteenth place with 32.2 million followers.

Source: “Media”

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