The Times Report Reveals English Referee Darren England’s Controversial Mistake in Tottenham vs Liverpool Match

English Referee Darren England Returns Late from Emirates

The British newspaper The Times reported that English referee Darren England, who was in charge of video equipment in Tottenham’s match with their guest Liverpool, returned from the Emirates 24 hours before the match.

Blunder in the Match

Darren England blundered when Colombian striker Luis Diaz’s first-half Liverpool goal was disallowed for offside, which ultimately affected the outcome of the match.

Refereeing Committee’s Recognition

The English Premier League’s refereeing committee recognized that the goal was legal and should have been counted, but the video equipment failed to cope with its duties and called the incident a serious human error.

Referees’ Return Timing

The Times confirmed in a report on Sunday that Atar and his assistant Dan Cook were part of the refereeing team for the match in the Emirates 48 hours before Tottenham’s match against visitors Liverpool last Saturday night in the seventh round. English Premier League Football.

The newspaper indicated that the duo returned to England hours before facing Liverpool and Tottenham, which could have affected them while they were in the VAR room.

Replacement and Changes

The refereeing committee announced in an official statement that Darren England has been replaced by Craig Pawson as fourth official for Nottingham Forest’s 1-1 draw with visitors Brentford on Sunday.

Eddie Smart was appointed assistant referee for the match between Fulham and their hosts Chelsea on Monday, replacing Dan Cook, assistant to VAR Darren England for the match between Liverpool and their hosts Tottenham.


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