The strongest Arab: Seeking support to be the strongest in the world

Egyptian athlete Eman Hegab, the holder of the title of the strongest Arab woman, expressed her readiness to take part in the world championship among the strongest women, which will be held in the United States in October next year.

Hijab, the daughter of the governor of Alexandria, who has been involved in sports for 20 years, spoke about her sports endeavors and her ambitions during a meeting with journalist Ahmed El-Gamal on Nas Online:

“I have been preparing for the world strongest woman championship for two years and could not find the difference between myself and the world champion recognized as the strongest woman in the world, but unfortunately I cannot travel because I am looking for support that can help me travel,

I hope I find sponsor companies that take care of my travel expenses and I promise that I will be the most powerful woman in the world.”

Egyptian sports added

“In 2019, I followed the Arab Women’s Strongest Championship and I liked it because I love the fields of power, so I entered the field of power in arm wrestling and physical strength, and this made me love the game more because it includes wrestling, running, boxing and weight lifting, so it’s a comprehensive game for all energy sources.”

It is noteworthy that Iman Hijab won local kickboxing championships, won the world arm wrestling championship, and also received a black belt in karate as the first Arab woman.

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