The Speculated 27-Inch Display With Mini-LEDs From Apple Has Been Delayed Once Again

According to display industry expert Ross Young, who has a very excellent track record with speculations regarding upcoming Apple products, the company’s rumored 27-inch external display with mini-LED backlighting is now anticipated to launch in the first quarter of 2023.

The Speculated 27-Inch Display With Mini-LEDs From Apple Has Been Delayed Once Again_

Young said today that he still needed to observe any indications that the display was going into mass production, indicating that a launch is not about to happen. The presentation has been postponed numerous times. Young has previously predicted it will debut in June 2022, around October, and finally in the first quarter of 2023. He still needs to provide us with an updated release date for the display.

Young has said that the panel will be compatible with ProMotion, allowing a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. The rumored 27-inch size of the display suggests that it is an updated version of the Studio Display. Still, there’s a chance that the pricey Pro Display XDR and the more affordable Studio Display are brand-new models. The most recent Studio Display is a 5K model that retails for $1,599 and lacks ProMotion.

In December 2019, Apple unveiled the Pro Display XDR and a new Mac Pro. The Studio Display and Mac Studio both debuted in March 2022.

Display Supply Chain Consultants’ CEO is Young (DSCC). He previously provided accurate information on the iPhone 13 Pro and high-end MacBook Pro models’ inclusion of ProMotion, the sixth-generation iPad mini’s 8.3-inch display, the most recent MacBook Air’s slightly larger 13.6-inch display, and more.

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