The speaker of the Hungarian parliament acknowledged the defeat of the Europeans in Ukraine

The speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, Laszlo Kiefer, called the European Union the loser in the Ukrainian crisis, with its practices contrary to its economic interests, and said that Hungary would share the EU’s experience in rebuilding after defeats.

He added: “Today, the European Union is not able to prevent the outbreak of war in Ukraine politically, nor to restore peace through diplomacy, and under external pressure, acting contrary to its main economic interests, is now already considered a loser.” , “Victory will be through direct battles on the fronts.”

He added: “Outside of Europe, interest groups and private capital will destroy the EU as a whole and individual countries due to military and political dependence, weak economic and energy potential, financial debt and theft, and social division.”

Over the past 100 years, Kfir said, “Hungary has regained its ability to act and its strength to serve and defend its people, its ability to learn from its neighbors and Europe, its self-confidence and its authority in many ways after the World War. I, and we can share with you the experience of recovering from defeat.

Source: RIA Novosti

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