The Soviet Union is responsible for the creation of Ukraine, says Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin recalled that Ukraine does not exist on the map, and that it was the Soviet government in Moscow that formed a state called Ukraine on the territory of the Russian Empire.

Putin’s speech was made during a meeting with Chairman of the Constitutional Court Valery Zorkin, who handed the president a 17th-century French map showing the lands that were part of Tsarist Russia, the Caucasus and the Commonwealth, and specifically pointed out that Ukraine was not present on it. This map .

“Soviet power created the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, and this is well known. Before that, there was no Ukraine in the history of mankind,” Putin said, looking at a rare map.

And on December 30, 1922, the Soviet authorities announced the creation of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic on the territory of the Russian Empire as part of the new administrative structure of the country after the socialist revolution in Russia in 1917.

Source: RT + News

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