The social crisis in Turkey after the earthquake, described by the Minister of Interior as"Shame"

The Dünya newspaper pointed out that the increase in rents in Turkey could turn into a social crisis, as government measures failed to stop the price increase after the increase in demand due to the earthquake.

Earlier, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu called the sharp rise in prices for renting apartments in the country after the devastating earthquakes in the southeast of the country a “shame” and considered it a great sin.

The newspaper notes: “The problem of rental prices in Turkey is about to develop into a social crisis. These prices began to rise with the onset of the epidemic in 2020. The situation in Ukraine, the increase in immigration from Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Arabian Gulf and North Africa, as well as the rising rate of inflation, have made these prices completely unaffordable.” Finally, with the migration of one million people from the earthquake zone to the west of the country, rental prices have risen sharply.”

According to the publication, apartment owners are trying to evict former tenants in order to obtain higher rents.

And according to the real estate appraisal company Endeksa, by the end of January 2023, the rent for apartments in Turkey increased by 176.53% compared to the previous year.

The highest levels of rent increases were recorded in the states of Antalya, Karabuk, Denizli, Hakkari and Trabzon.

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