The Saint-Germain coach named the first penalty taker in his team

Paris Saint-Germain coach Christophe Galte showed some scenes after his team’s win over Montpellier (5:2) yesterday, Saturday, in the second round of the French Football League.

Galte said in statements after the meeting that Kylian Mbappe would be the first penalty specialist, adding: “After he conceded a kick (in front of Montpellier), it was only logical that runner-up Neymar would take the second kick.” and the players followed the instructions.”

And to Mbappe’s nervousness against colleague Vetnia in a meeting in Montpellier due to an attack at the end of the first half, during which the Portuguese preferred to pass to another colleague, so that Mbappe stopped running, Galte explained: “Mbappe was late in physical preparation than the rest of his colleagues, he missed the Supermatch. And muscle pain prevented him from taking part in the first match in the league, and even more so when he is a player with his personality and qualities and has not yet reached the best level, sometimes he is nervous.

And the Paris Saint-Germain coach added: “Mbapp√© last played 30 minutes 3 weeks ago during a friendly in Japan, so over time he will develop physically. I made him play against Montpellier with more speed.” than I expected.”

Galtet praised Brazilian star Neymar Jr., adding: “He’s been talked about a lot compared to last season, I won’t comment on that, but since the training period started on July 4th, he’s committed and performs well in all matches.”

“Neymar is irreplaceable, he has an amazing ability to take advantage of opportunities to score goals, I see people talking about his fate at the end of the transfer period, but everyone is happy with his level.”

Source: agencies

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