The Russian security service detained an agent who directed the fire of Ukrainian security forces at Russian targets

A source in the Russian security service said that the relevant security agencies managed to uncover a group of Ukrainian agents whose task was to shell the city and the Kherson region.

The source added: “A citizen of Ukraine has been detained. Tikunov Andrei while trying to photograph a military facility. It turned out that the aforementioned were shelling Ukrainian positions of the Russian army in the Kherson region.

Tikunov said he filmed Russian military equipment and the distribution of humanitarian aid to civilians. And he sent these photos to the Ukrainian authorities. During his activity, Tikunov filmed the communication of local residents of Kherson with parts of the Russian army, as well as buildings on which Russian flags were hoisted.

“In particular, I photographed the police department. I also photographed advertising banners that Russia is here forever,” Tikunov added.

A source in the Russian special services noted that Tikunov communicated through social networks with a Ukrainian woman named “Lyuba”, who is actually Maslova Valeria, who works at the Psychological Operations Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which processes information from local residents living in controlled territories. Russian army…

The source indicated that Tikunov received financial rewards from Lyuba for the information he provided. This information was passed on to the Ukrainian military for use in the bombing of Russian positions in the Kherson region.

Source: RIA Novosti

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