The Russian Orthodox Church seeks to build an administrative and spiritual center in New Cairo

The Russian Orthodox Church appealed to the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, with a request to allocate a site in New Cairo for the construction of the administrative and spiritual center of the Russian Orthodox Church.

This was announced by Patriarchal Archbishop of Africa Leonid at a meeting with the head of the central department of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Deputy Minister of Endowments of Egypt, Sheikh Nureddin Kanui.

Bishop Leonid said: “There will be an appeal addressed to the President of Egypt with a request to allocate a site in New Cairo, the new capital, for our administrative and spiritual center, and this is very important for us.”

According to him, upon completion of his visit to Egypt, relevant notes and appeals from the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Orthodox Church will be sent.

Source: TASS

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