The Russian national team will play with their Iranian counterpart in a friendly match in Tehran.

The Russian national football team will play a friendly match with their Iranian counterpart on March 23 in the Iranian capital Tehran.

“On March 23, Tehran, the capital of Iran, will host a friendly football match between the Iranian national team and its Russian counterpart,” Iranian Football Federation PR director Amir Mahdi Alavi said in an exclusive statement to Sputnik. .

“We are committed to cooperation with the Russian Football Federation, and a joint memorandum was signed between the football federations of Iran and Russia on cooperation in the sports field in the future,” he added.

Alavi added: “The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed during the visit of the Russian Minister of Sports and the President of the Russian Football Union to Tehran.”

About ten days ago, Russian Minister of Sports Leg Matitsyn visited Tehran and met with Iranian Minister of Sports and Youth Hamid Sajjadi, where a plan was signed to implement a joint memorandum of understanding on sports cooperation between the two countries. sides.

The Russian minister visited a number of sports centers in the Islamic Republic.

Source: Sputnik

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