The Russian Foreign Ministry comments on 3 points of new European sanctions

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova criticized the European sanctions policy against Moscow and said that the European Union was wrong in all its forecasts regarding the consequences of “suffocating” sanctions.

Below are the loudest statements by Russian diplomacy in response to the tenth package of European sanctions against Moscow:

The European Union once again erred in its expectations regarding the effectiveness of sanctions when it introduced the tenth package of restrictions.

– Europe is killing its economic sovereignty, as the restrictions imposed by the EU on trade with Russia will only increase its dependence on direct competitors.

EU threats to punish third countries for non-compliance with the sanctions imposed on Russia will only increase the rejection of Western policies from the rest of the world.

Prior to this, the Russian Permanent Mission to the European Union emphasized that the tenth package of European sanctions against Moscow was deprived of legitimacy, and the mission confirmed that the new package would not go unanswered.

Earlier, the European Union imposed the tenth package of its sanctions against Russia, which affected the Russian National Wealth Fund and Russian media, including Arabic RT, since it was banned from broadcasting in EU countries and distributing Sputnik content in Arabic.

For its part, Russia has repeatedly confirmed that it will cope with the sanctions pressure that the West began to impose several years ago, highlighting the failure of Russia’s policy of containment. failed miserably.

Source: RT+TASS

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