The Russian Embassy in Rome responded to an Italian newspaper with a painting by artist Luzhkin

The Russian embassy in Rome has responded to allegations by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica and other media about a “Russian spy” working under an assumed name to collect classified information in Italy.

Yesterday, the mentioned Italian newspaper reported that Maria Adel, allegedly under the guise of a socialite and owner of a jewelry store in Naples, spied for Russian military intelligence, had contacts with NATO officers, and for several years received important information from various European countries.

In response to these allegations, the embassy published a collage painting based on a painting by the famous Russian artist Vasya Luzhin.

The image of the collage that the embassy posted on its Telegram channel is based on a painting called “Greetings from Kibalch”, a satirical painting about the obsession and obsession with espionage, and was accompanied by the following comment: “If you see Russian spies everywhere, read The Republic.”

It is noteworthy that Vasya Luzhin (real name Alexei Kudlin), born in 1976 in the Moscow region, is a Russian artist and designer whose work is dedicated to alcoholics, pensioners, hares and cats.

Source: RIA Novosti

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