The Russian Embassy in London accused the UK of escalating the conflict in Ukraine

The Russian Embassy in London issued a warning about the dangers of the practices of the UK and other Western countries that threaten an indiscriminate escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

Russian diplomats said on the occasion of the anniversary of the start of the military operation in Ukraine that over the past year, “the deep involvement of Western countries, including Britain, in the conflict, and the interest of these countries in prolonging it” has become apparent.

They added that unprecedented sanctions were imposed on Moscow in order to inflict a “strategic defeat” on Russia, and the pace of arms injections into Ukraine accelerated “in light of the leading role of London.”

They emphasized that “now we are talking about the transfer of modern weapons, tanks and long-range missile systems, which the Ukrainian military leadership intends to use to strike at the territory of Russia, military aviation, in addition to training Ukrainian military personnel in the UK. There is more and more evidence of a presence in Ukraine British mercenaries and participation “specialized in the preparation of sabotage operations against Russian military installations. All this threatens an uncontrolled escalation of the conflict.”

Source: TASS

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