The representative of Germany does not exclude the termination of Russian gas supplies via "Nord Stream"

The head of the Federal Network Agency of Germany, Klaus Müller, suggested the possibility of a complete halt in gas supplies from Russia to Germany via the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

Asked by a journalist about this, Muller said in an interview with the German channel ARD today, Friday: “We cannot rule it out,” noting that this is the reason why the agency is looking into different scenarios.

“Most of the scenarios are unsatisfactory and mean either a very small amount of gas at the end of winter, or a very difficult situation in autumn or winter,” the German official explained.

In this regard, Müller called for energy savings, adding: “Everyone in industry and the private sector can contribute to this.”

At the same time, it must be accepted that prices could double or triple, he added. Therefore, residents should save up money and talk with apartment owners until next autumn. “There is something that can be done,” he said.

Source: TASS

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