The Presumed Destiny 2 Leak Has Been Banned From All Future Bungie Events

Bungie has barred a popular Destiny 2 livestream from participating in any upcoming Destiny 2 events as punishment for allegedly violating a non-disclosure agreement and revealing confidential information.

The Presumed Destiny 2 Leak Has Been Banned From All Future Bungie Even ts_

On April 14, Bungie released the following statement on the official Destiny 2 Team account: “Community interaction and engagement is central to Bungie and our games.” For a number of years, we have sent invitations to developers and other community members, asking for their input on the direction Destiny will go in the future. This is a much-loved stage of the process, but it significantly emphasizes trust.

The text then said, “Breaches of this trust could result in our inability to hold any additional summits.” These violations are being treated as highly severe matters. Steps are being taken to reinforce company policy with people invited to these internal meetings.

The Presumed Destiny 2 Leak Has Been Banned From All Future Bungie Events_

Bungie has identified a popular Destiny streamer as the person responsible for the leaks, which the streamer denies having done, according to a recent story published by Forbes. The streamer, who goes by the name @Ekuegan, stated in an interview with Forbes that Bungie told him they “confirmed” he was the leaker by matching desktop icons from his home screen. These desktop icons were frequently displayed on his home screen while he was streaming. The streamer refuted claims that he took the photographs. It stated that someone else had “tacked his icons onto the photos.”

Ekuegan has maintained his innocence by using Twitter and engaging with Forbes about the matter.

It’s hard to fathom that someone would use photo editing software to frame another person for leaking information. Nevertheless, even granting Ekuegan the benefit of the doubt, there have been weird occurrences in this area.

Bungie would likely have preferred to keep the issue a secret. However, given that Ekuegan has discussed the leaks with the media and publicly tweeted his innocence, they may need to conduct additional research into the matter. You are presumed innocent until your guilt is shown beyond a reasonable doubt.

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