The President of South Korea stressed to Bill Gates the importance of cooperation with his foundation

South Korean President Yoon Seoul Yeol received billionaire Bill Gates and reaffirmed Seoul’s commitment to greater collaboration with his foundation to contribute to drug development and disease prevention.

The President of South Korea emphasized that his country intends to seek broad cooperation with the Gates Foundation in order to promote high-level medical and biological technologies, as well as make a significant contribution to improving the health of citizens at the global level.

Yoon Sol Yeol praised the efforts of Bill Gates amid the outbreak of the Corona virus, stressing that he has made a great contribution to achieving freedom and justice in the face of disease for the citizens of the world.

He added: “I express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Foundation for supporting the development of a vaccine.” He also expressed his hope that SK’s vaccine would be of maximum benefit in preventing infectious diseases in developing countries.

For his part, Bill Gates said that he “has been given many opportunities to work with many major countries to strengthen global health, and South Korea has been an ideal partner in this process,” adding, “I led the Vaccine Consortium for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases. “Control risks. During the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Korea has been very supportive in this process.”

Gates added: “I have joined the life sciences company SK, which is an ideal partner for vaccine development, which gives a big boost to the development of other vaccines to prevent other infectious diseases, not just Covid-19.

Source: Yonhap

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