The President of South Africa faces impeachment after it became clear that he was stolen 580 thousand dollars.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is facing impeachment after he revealed the details of his exposure of stealing foreign exchange he made selling buffalo worth $580,000 in cash.

According to Bloomberg News, Ramaphosa indicated that he followed proper procedures when reporting the crime and denied violating any laws.

In a 138-page memo addressed to a parliamentary committee, Ramaphosa said the animals were sold for $580,000 in cash to Sudanese Mustafa Mohamed Ibrahim Hazem in late 2019.

He added that the farm manager put the money in a safe and later moved it to a sofa in a spare bedroom “inside my private residence because he thought it was a safe place, since he thought no one could break into the chief’s house.” . “.

The panel’s report found preliminary evidence that the president may have violated his oath.

Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter, said party officials met with the president of the African National Congress and the speaker of parliament to discuss the commission’s report.

The African National Congress’s national executive committee will discuss the findings of an advisory panel on a possible impeachment case against Ramaphosa as the panel found the president may have violated sections of the constitution after he was accused of stealing money that was hidden in his gaming ranch.

The committee’s recommendations are not binding on parliament, which is due to debate the report on 6 December.

If the legislators decide to proceed with impeaching the president, the next step would be to create an impeachment committee with much more power than the committee of experts, and it would have the right to recommend the removal of Ramaphosa from office.

Source: Emirates Today.

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