The President of Lithuania is against settling the issue of transit of goods with Russia

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausida said that Lithuania would not allow the creation of “corridors” through its territory for the transit of Russian goods, so as not to violate sanctions.

Commenting on the situation with the transit of goods to Kaliningrad, Nauseda noted that this mechanism has been operating since 2004, when Lithuania joined the European Union, and is regulated by an agreement between Russia and the European Union.

He added that now the sanctions have come into force for certain groups of goods, which raises the question of how the sanctions will be applied.

He continued: “It is clear that Lithuania must comply with the EU sanctions and will comply with them. Lithuania must control the flow of goods passing through its territory.”

He opposed the provision of any corridors through the territory of Lithuania and demanded that the government begin urgent consultations with the European Commission.

Source: RIA Novosti

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