The President of Ecuador lifted the state of emergency imposed due to mass protests

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Laso lifted a state of emergency in 6 states, introduced amid mass protests and riots.

“By Decree No. 461, the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lazo, decided to lift the state of emergency imposed in connection with serious internal unrest in the states of Chimborazo, Tungurahua, Cotopaxi, Pichincha, Pastaza and Imbabura,” the press service said in a statement. — wrote the President of Ecuador on his Twitter page.

The lifting of the state of emergency was one of the main conditions for the Koni indigenous movement, led by Leonidas Issa, to start a dialogue with the government.

The presidential decree was issued as MPs in the national parliament were discussing the possibility of his impeachment.

Yesterday, Saturday, Ecuadorian presidential adviser Diego Ordonez announced a “mass demobilization” of demonstrators in the capital, Quito, adding that “the vast majority” of them had fled the city. For their part, local media reported that on Saturday, the demonstrators left the two main centers of their protests, namely the El Arboleto area and the Cultural Center of Ecuador in the capital Quito. At the same time, crowds of protesters and roads are still blocked in other areas.

The leader of the Koni indigenous movement, Leonidas Issa, announced his intention to reorganize the protest movement and continue holding protests initially in the capital.

The protests of the Federation of Indian Peoples of Ecuador against the economic and social policies of the country’s leadership began on June 13 with small demonstrations and swept the whole country a week later. And last Friday, President Lasso said in a speech to his people that the real intention of the rioters taking place in the cities of the country is to stage a coup d’etat, warning of the threat facing democracy in the country, and allowing the police and army to use firearms instead of firearms if necessary. gas.

Source: RIA Novosti

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