the president "foreign affairs" There are deputies in us: one abrams for Ukraine will pay Germany for its supply"leopard"

Michael McCall, chairman of the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, said that if Washington hands over even one Abrams tank to Kyiv, Germany will agree to send the Leopard.

“If we announce that we will transfer at least one Abrams tank, <…> they (the Germans) will deliver Leopard tanks (to Ukraine),” the Republican from Texas said today, Sunday, in an interview with ABC.

It is noteworthy that last Wednesday the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported, citing sources, that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in a recent telephone conversation with US President Joe Biden, informed him of Berlin’s intention to allow the delivery of Leopard 2 battle tanks. Kyiv only if Washington does it. For its part, by providing Kyiv with Abrams tanks.

Source: TASS

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