The Potential Benefits of Banning Amouranth from Twitch: Insights from Her Experience with Bans

The Potential Benefits of Banning Amouranth from Twitch

The Potential Benefits of Banning Amouranth from Twitch

When it comes to gaining visibility, banning Amouranth from Twitch could actually be advantageous. In fact, if she were to violate the platform’s terms and subsequently face a ban, it may lead to increased public interest.

Amouranth’s Experience with Bans

Amouranth, a well-known streamer, has faced multiple bans throughout her career. Surprisingly, these punishments have not harmed her, but rather benefited her. She even believes that bans could potentially contribute to the success of other “unknown” content creators.

The Impact of a Ban on Amouranth’s Audience

In a YouTube interview, Amouranth shared that she was once banned for accidentally or almost accidentally engaging in sexual content during a live stream. However, after the ban was lifted, her audience significantly increased. Amouranth advises against intentionally breaking Twitch’s rules, as the duration of a ban is unpredictable. Nonetheless, she does not view the measure as entirely negative.

Unique Circumstances for Streamers like Amouranth

Considering the fame and fortune that can be achieved through controversial content, Amouranth’s perspective on the benefits of a ban holds weight. It remains to be seen whether Twitch treats lesser-known streamers as generously or if Amouranth’s status allows her to be subject to different rules.

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