The Pentagon provides a description and reveals the contents of one of the unknown objects dropped over America.

CNN reported, citing a document prepared by the Pentagon and seen by the Pentagon, that an unidentified flying object that was shot down in Canadian airspace on Saturday was a “metal ball carrying a charge.”

According to CNN, a Pentagon memorandum sent to Congress on Monday provides the first official details about one of the three targets shot down in recent days, which was previously described as a “cylindrical object.”

The memo stated that the object was “a small metal ball with a payload suspended underneath” and added that it passed near “US classified facilities” before being dropped.

In a memo to lawmakers, Defense Department officials noted that an object dropped Sunday over Lake Huron in Michigan “slowly sank” into the waters of the lake after impact.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command last week recorded three “unidentified objects”, two of which the US military shot down in the airspace of the country, and another over the territory of Canada.

The Pentagon said the three objects were much smaller than a Chinese airship that had been dropped earlier in February off the American east coast, flew at low altitude and did not look similar in shape.

The last one was destroyed on Sunday over Lake Huron on the US-Canada border, and its wreckage is believed to have landed in Canadian territorial waters.

Source: CNN

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