The Pentagon Keeps Vigilant Watch on the Delivery of Weapons to Kyiv

NATO Forces Europe Commander Christopher Cavoli told a House hearing that the Pentagon is closely monitoring the destination of weapons destined for Ukraine.

“We’re taking inventory of everything that goes through the United States to Ukraine,” Cavoli said. “We’re confident that we have a clear idea of ​​military equipment deliveries to Kyiv.”

Cavoli added: “Over the past few months, the United States has implemented a logistics tracking system in Ukraine in accordance with NATO standards. Of course, this is not enough, so we conduct thorough checks and monitoring, and this is what the US military attaches in Kyiv and the authorized bodies are doing.”

He explained: “Sometimes, for security reasons, surveillance operations cannot be carried out due to lack of access to the designated area, and in such cases, monitoring is carried out by the Ukrainians themselves using hand-held scanning devices.”

Earlier, Russia sent a memorandum to NATO countries on the supply of weapons to Ukraine, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov indicated that any supply of weapons to Ukraine would become a legitimate target for Russia.

Source: RT

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