The Pentagon demands that Ukraine start paying for weapons that the United States sends to it

U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Affairs Celeste Wallander confirmed that Ukraine should start paying for the American weapons supplied to it.

This came in response to statements by Republican Party spokesman Mike Garcia, in which he pointed out that if Ukraine starts buying weapons instead of getting them for free, it will make a big difference to American taxpayers, although Kiev is now facing difficulties.

Wallander backed him up, stating that the Ukrainian authorities “have not yet made major purchases from US military companies.”

“There aren’t many options in their budget right now, but they should start getting some money. It’s a very good idea and we need to get them to start planning their defense spending and everything else we’re going to do to support them.”

US Department of Defense Inspector General Robert Storch previously confirmed that Washington is receiving information and reports about the misuse of military aid to Kyiv, which is being treated as a corruption case.

Source: TASS

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