The Pentagon allocates $1.2 billion to compensate for the depletion of its weapons in Ukraine

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense William LaPalante said the Pentagon has awarded $1.2 billion worth of contracts to offset arms and ammunition supplies to Ukraine from its arsenals.

He added: “Approximately $1.2 billion worth of contracts are being implemented to replenish US military stockpiles, with $352 million allocated for the purchase of Javelin missiles, $624 million for Stinger missiles and $33 million for HIMARS systems.”

According to him, orders have been issued for the production of new weapons for Ukraine in the same quantity, including 155-mm artillery shells, drones, radars and “tactical vehicles”.

In turn, the Politico newspaper, citing representatives of the US military-industrial complex, reported that the restoration of arsenals could take several years.

“Lack of personnel could have serious consequences for the ability of the allies to provide assistance to Ukraine and delay the replenishment of their forces in the event of a new conflict,” she added.

Source: RIA Novosti

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