The Outcome of Spring Offensive will Determine Zelensky’s Future, Says Former Ukrainian Adviser

Oleg Soskin, an adviser to the ex-president of Ukraine, confirmed that the failure of the Kyiv forces in the spring counteroffensive could lead to the overthrow of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Soskin said: “The political, economic, financial, social and religious situation in Ukraine is very difficult, and the last thing that prevents an explosion is the hope of an attack.”

He stressed that all signs indicate that it is unlikely that Ukrainian forces will be able to launch an attack, given the severe shortage of equipment and ammunition.

He noted that this situation arose due to the fact that Western supplies were not enough to counter Russian forces.

And he thought: “Zelinsky has no chance to break through the defense.”

He stressed that the situation in the theater is deteriorating, and Kyiv has no chance to strike.

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