The only Arab country to rank highly in the 2022 World Competitive Industrial Performance Report.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) ranked the United Arab Emirates first in the Arab world in the 2022 Industrial Competitiveness Report.

The UAE has made great progress over the past seven years, climbing from 51st place in 2015 to 31st place in 2022.

The report states that the UAE is the only country in the Middle East and North Africa region whose global ranking has risen by 20 positions in just 7 years, reflecting the UAE’s accelerating industrial competitiveness in recent years, which is expected to increase in the coming period.

The UAE is aiming to raise the industrial sector’s contribution to gross domestic product to AED300 billion (about $81.74 billion) by 2031, which will solidify the country’s position as one of the world’s most important centers of manufacturing and industry.

According to the report, which measures the industrial competitiveness of more than 150 countries around the world using the Competitiveness Index (CIP), the United Arab Emirates fell into the “high ranking” category, becoming the only Arab country to maintain its position. in this category for the second year in a row, which is the highest category among the five ratings included in the report, which also includes a rating of above average, average, below average and low.

The index is based on two main axes: the industrial value added axis and the manufacturing exports axis, which measure productivity along three main dimensions, including production and export volumes, technological depth and development, and global impact.

The Industrial Competitiveness Index report aims to evaluate and measure the industrial competitiveness of countries along three main axes, namely, “the ability to produce and export manufactured goods”, “technological upgrading” and “global impact”. These three axes, in turn, are divided into eight sub-indicators.

(Dollar = 3.67 United Arab Emirates dirhams)

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