The One Piece Series on Netflix: Surprising Fans with New Passages and Characters

The One Piece series is a hit on Netflix, it surprises fans on many points!

For a long time, Netflix subscribers worried about the prospect of a live-action adaptation of the “One Piece” manga. However, according to the many returns that have emerged since Thursday, the result is indeed up to expectations. It is even a worldwide triumph for the American giant since it has just put an end to the series of disappointments in terms of adaptation in live action. In short, the Netflix series is overflowing with love for the work of Eiichiro Oda and even takes some liberties going off the beaten track, whether by offering new passages or the surprising presence of some characters.

The One Piece Series and the Surprises for Fans

Beyond having fun with the huge and sprawling universe of One Piece and to prove to us his understanding of it, Netflix also took the opportunity to slip in many winks and bid on theories that have been agitating fans for many years. At the very beginning of the Netflix series, we discover the execution of Gol D. Roger: a pivotal moment for the era of piracy that will make more than one sailor want to follow in his footsteps. During his last words, we could see Mihawk, Monkey D. Hooded Dragon, Shanks the redhead, or even… Crocodile. Sure enough, one of the heavy camera shots of the crowd members shook fans of One Piece!

A theory more than ten years old, finally confirmed by Oda?

Many years after the first publication of One Piece, in parallel with chapter 565, Eiichiro Oda directed a Chapter 0. At the time, it was created to accompany the release of the film “Strong World” and was distributed free of charge to those who attended its screening. In this famous chapter, we discover the reaction of a multitude of cult characters to the announcement of the execution of the Pirate King. Anyway, these are snippets of this chapter that we discover at the very beginning of the Netflix series which, let us remember, was produced under the supervision of the author. However, there is a hell of a difference compared to this chapter, allowing Oda to implant a huge clue there.

The Mystery Surrounding Crocodile

Those who diligently read the manga know very well that the character of Crocodile seems to hold a very heavy secret. Currently, the mystery remains intact, even if the potential clue left by the author in the series comes to reshuffle the cards. And if Crocodile, which we could discover in season 2, was a woman before? Unlike Chapter 0 (where Crocodile is the only one to be shown from behind), the focus is strangely put forward on a character, just before revealing the young Shanks. Namely, a woman with raven hair and showy jewelry. On the side of the fans, it’s the commotion, and everything went through the mill to support this theory which dates back to chapter 540 and the words of Ivankov’s character admitting to knowing one of its weak points. Decidedly, Oda would not have finished surprising One Piece readers!

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