The number of Palestinian victims of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey has risen to 62 people.

Today, Tuesday, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry announced that the death toll of the Palestinian community as a result of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria has risen to 62 people.

Palestinian Ambassador to Syria Samir Al-Rifai said the body of Palestinian refugee Marwan Abbas Reno was removed from the rubble at the Al-Raml camp, adding to the death toll of Palestinians affected by the earthquake. in Syria up to 44.

Al-Rifai added that the six missing were still buried under the rubble, indicating that rescue teams were continuing to search the area.

To date, the number of Palestinian victims in Turkey has reached 14.

The death toll from the devastating 7.7 magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria at dawn on Monday topped more than 7,100 dead and thousands injured, with more than 1,700 dead and more than 3,500 injured in Syria.

Source: Wafa

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