The new UK prime minister will not pay more than $2,300 in electricity bills.

The British Guardian has reported that the British Prime Minister will not pay more than £2,000 for Downing Street electricity in the winter due to state support.

This is according to a study by the Labor Party published by The Guardian, which indicates that the new British Prime Minister Liz Terrace will not pay more than 2,000 pounds (about $ 2,300) in winter, since the state pays for electricity. and heating bills for Government House, Downing Street. The newspaper wrote: “While capping electricity prices means the average annual bill is expected to exceed £4,000 ($4,600) in winter, the terrace will be protected from price spikes beyond a certain period.” point thanks to the payment method. electricity”.

According to a Labor Party study cited by the newspaper, the prime minister only pays electricity taxes and his spending for the winter will be £1,980 ($2,279) and Terrace will not pay more than £3,400 ($3,912) in general.

Voting in the last round of the British Prime Minister’s election ended last Friday and today, Monday 5 September, British Foreign Secretary Liz Terrace won the Conservative Party leadership to take over the new UK government, replacing Boris Johnson.

Source: Guardian

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