The Mom of a Call of Duty Zombies Fan Gives Him a Gorgeous Painting by Gorod Krovi

The Mom of a Call of Duty Zombies Fan Gives Him a Gorgeous Painting by Gorod Krovi

A skilled dad of a Call of Duty Zombies fan creates and presents them with a painting that is inspired by the design of the adored map Gorod Krovi.

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Over the years, Call of Duty Zombies has had many excellent maps. Most recently, a Gorod Krovi artwork was created as an homage to one of the greatest. The artwork was created as a present and was given to a Call of Duty Zombies player by their mother, which makes it very awesome.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies, Gorod Krovi is frequently rated as the third-best map. However, that only highlights how excellent Shadows of Evil and Der Eisendrache were. Each game’s original maps had a distinguishing feature, and Gorod Krovi’s featured a few noteworthy ones. The map provided a good selection of gaming options, like riding on dragons, fighting in Nikolai’s mech suit battles, and participating in the lockdown at the Pack-a-Punch building.

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Gorod Krovi has a lot going on as players watch dragons battle enormous robots in a war-torn Stalingrad, making it challenging to convey the atmosphere of the area. Thankfully, the beautiful loading screen accomplished this. Thus trying to reproduce the map’s iconic artwork might be a wonderful painting concept. Fortunately, Reddit user Kryyptochris’ mother outdid herself and could catch every nuance of the legendary Zombies map’s load screen.

My Mom’s painting of Gorod Krovi (full painting) from CODZombies

The piece’s focal point is a huge fire-breathing dragon that is depicted setting fire to the spawn area as trenches can be seen outside the first structure. More dragons are soaring in the sky, while one of the damaged robots from the Black Ops 2 map Origins is seen resting against a clock tower. Iron crosses are visible, reminding players that they are in the Gorod Krovi parallel reality during a very different World War 2. With light shining off one of the flags and some damage visible on the clock tower that the robot is leaning against, these parts of the artwork show incredible levels of detail.

Although their mother does not play Zombies herself, Kryyptochris clarifies in the comments that she likes watching the mode and is immersed in the world Treyarch has created. Her artwork is outstanding, so it’s obvious that those CoD Zombies watching sessions had an effect. This artwork fully merits the 4,300 votes given to it since, like many other community contributions, it beautifully captures the hunger of the zombie fandom.


Many Call of Duty Zombies fans has been returning to Black Ops 3 to take advantage of its large selection of iconic levels as they wait to see what Call of Duty Zombies’ future holds. Gorod Krovi continues to be regarded as a masterpiece among the Call of Duty Zombies community because of its integration of dragons and zombies and some brilliantly executed themes.

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