The Libyan National Oil Corporation is about to announce "irresistible force"

Libya’s National Oil Corporation announced that “as the closure continues, it is considering declaring a force majeure in the Gulf of Sirte region.”

In this regard, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation of Libya, Mustafa Abdullah Sanalla, commented: “We are exploring the possibility of declaring a force majeure within the next 72 hours if production and shipping are not resumed in oil ports. in the Gulf of Sirte, and we call on all parties to be wise and prevail. The interests of the country, allowing the flow of oil and not being drawn into calls for escalation, and we call for maintaining the sovereignty of Libya.”

Sanalla added: “We are facing a recurring reality. The closures in the Gulf of Sirte, and there are those who are trying to demonize the oil sector in the capital Tripoli, but we will not sit idly by and will confront them in accordance with the legal framework.”

And added: “The government is responsible for the sovereignty of its institutions and no person, minister or whoever, should be allowed to politicize the oil sector to use it as a card in any negotiations, transactions or settlements, and must be respected absolute observance of the law and international legitimacy, and we will not accept that either one or one is observed on one side while they turn a blind eye to the other.

In the relevant context, Sanalla said: “I am not a politician, but I can point you in the right direction. Libya’s stability begins with the management of its resources. You will see the oil sector working enthusiastically and playing its technical and non-governmental roles. -political role, motivated a clear understanding by the political elite of the privacy of this vital sector and its role in the present and future of the country.

Regarding the Five Nations Statement, the Chairman of the Board of Directors welcomed the content of the Statement, noting: “I am very pleased with the statement by these entities that Libya’s resources must be managed in a transparent, responsible and accountable manner throughout the country, for the benefit of the Libyan people, and be the main package government spending for 2022 is clear and reflects the spending priorities of the oil sector with strict procedures for tracking, checking, reporting and auditing, and this helps the oil sector in fulfilling its tasks and role without any obstacles.

He concluded his statement by saying: “The situation is very dangerous. Continued operation of vital facilities, including power plants, desalination plants and strategic plants – regularly – is tied to a conditional link to continued oil production, part of which is exchanged for fuel destined for vital facilities with government approval due to the suspension of the Central Bank of Libya and Treasury Department. Fuel bill replenished half a year ago, and the rate of oil exports has decreased in such a way that we will not be able to meet the demand for fuel in the coming weeks, and we expect the General Electricity Company to reduce the load due to lack of funding needed to provide liquid fuel.

Source: RT

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