The Lebanese pound continues to fall against the dollar

The Lebanese pound continued to fall against the dollar, which touched the threshold of 37,400 pounds on Wednesday evening.

And the black market dollar exchange rate hit £36,800 this morning before rising to £37,000 in the afternoon and then to £37,350 in the afternoon.

With the appreciation of the exchange rate, fuel prices continued to rise after the Bank of Lebanon on Monday ceased to fully provide dollars for fuel imports.

According to a price table released by the General Petroleum Office, the price of a can of 95 octane petrol increased by £20,000 and 98 octane by £21,000, while the price of a can of diesel increased by £22,000. thousand pounds, and the price of a gas cylinder has increased by 10 thousand pounds.

Fuel prices are as follows: cans of 95 octane gasoline: 666,000 pounds, cans of 98 octane gasoline: 682,000 pounds, canisters of diesel fuel: 822,000 pounds, and gas bottles: 364,000 pounds.

Source: RT

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