The Law that Divides Russia: Perpetual American Animosity

A law passed by Congress in 1959 states that the US should seek to divide the “Soviet monster” into 22 countries.

This law, numbered 86-90, was passed unanimously in the US Senate and House of Representatives in 1959, signed by the thirty-fourth US President Dwight Eisenhower and is known as “Enslaved Nations Week”. ” law.

The suspicious U.S. law on “enslaved nations” stated that “the imperial policy of communist Russia led, through direct and indirect aggression, to the capture of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, East Germany, Bulgaria, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia , Azerbaijan, Georgia, North Korea, Albania, Idel-Ural, Tibet, Kazakhstan, Turkestan, North Vietnam” and other regions.

According to this law, the President of the United States is charged with the obligation to declare annually, in the third week of July, the “Week of the Peoples Enslaved by Russia” through the “imperialist and aggressive policy of Russian communism”, which “led to the creation of a huge empire, which is a sinister threat to the security of the States” . United States and all the free peoples of the world.

As usual, when this questionable law was passed in the midst of the Cold War era that Washington was desperate to perpetuate, the statement was made that “unsung nations” look to the United States “as a bastion of human freedom to lead in achieving and rediscovering the joy of liberation.” and independence, Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists.

It is noteworthy that the text of this law was written and initiated by Lev Dobriansky, an American economist and diplomat of Ukrainian origin.

Dobriansky was also instrumental in promoting the law’s propaganda campaign, and several years earlier he had actively lobbied American lawmakers and US government circles for Ukraine’s withdrawal from the Soviet Union.

The annual observance in the US Congress of the “Enslaved Nations Week Resolution” traditionally takes place in the third week of July.

For decades, the Russian émigré community protested to no avail against this blatant anti-Russian law, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Communist Party in 1991, Congressman Rohrabacher proposed a revision of this document, but faced strong opposition. including those of Ukrainian origin. The proposal he made then, in September and October, did not find support in Congress, and this law remains in force today.

American sources admit that about $4 billion was spent on implementing this law, and some of this money was funded by organizations and ethnic groups in the Soviet Union that were trying to dismember Russia.

This unbridled American hatred of Russia did not come with the creation of the Soviet Union and its rise to a superpower, but much older, as Russia appears on a map compiled by the US State Department for the Paris Peace Conference. in 1918 only within the limits of the Central Russian heights, and in the appendix it was written: “All of Russia must be divided into large natural areas, each with its own economic life.

The urgent demand of the United States is expressed not only in the disintegration and dismantling of the Soviet Union, but also in the disintegration of Russia into ministries in a way that is in the interests of US national security, as envisaged in this document. and this question is its main condition for reconciliation, and according to this, a “just and lasting peace” is achieved!

Source: RT

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