The Latest Update for Sons of the Forest Includes Both New Features and Bug Fixes

Sons of Forest’s creator, Endnight, previously stated that the game would only be released on PC in an early-access state because they wanted to guarantee a timely release. Endnight cautioned, however, that to prevent future issues from occurring, the community would need to share its thoughts on them. As soon as they emerged, the crew was prepared to tackle them.

The Latest Update for Sons of the Forest Includes Both New Features and Bug Fixe s_

Sons of Forest’s first significant update has been made available by Endnight following the open release schedule listed on the game’s home page. Motivated by user input, this big improvement is a portent of things to come.

Sons of the Forest has already established itself as a hugely well-liked game. Even so, things will only get better.

Sons of the Forest looks stunning and is still under development.
Sons of Forest’s early-access status raised some questions in gaming, if only because bugs and poor performance are unavoidable. Nonetheless, Endnight saw over two million purchases in the first twenty-four hours after the game became available on Steam.

It’s safe to assume that the community’s concerns were effectively allayed.

Sons of the Forest is a gorgeous and dangerous addition to the first game that offers a huge area, shifting seasons, incredibly flexible construction mechanics, and thrilling fighting opportunities. And for a good cause, too.

The Latest Update for Sons of the Forest Includes Both New Features and Bug Fixes_

A big update for Sons of the Forest has just been released. The update has over a hundred significant repairs and enhancements, numerous balancing adjustments, and twenty new features. The Endnight crew wasn’t lying when they stated that the game would eventually be enlarged through frequent upgrades.

Below is a list of the main components of the first Sons of the Forest update.

New Features

  • Added Hang Glider
  • Added Binoculars
  • Added mid-game boss fight in Food Bunker
  • Added door locks
  • Added story elements
  • Added death animation variations for cannibals
  • Added lookout towers to cannibal villages
  • Added new structure type

Balancing Changes

  • Added cooldown for sleeping
  • Tweaked fire drain rate
  • Energy drink gives less hydration and energy.
  • Hard enemy health setting reduced to 1.25x health.
  • Kelvin will stop catching fish after a certain amount of time.
  • Halved shotgun damage
  • Depending on the number of players present, “creepies” will have higher health.

See the changelog on Steam to see the complete list of fixes made to the game in the initial Sons of the Forest update.

On March 23, there will be a significant update.

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