The Kremlin spoke about the reasons for the dismissal of Rogozin from "Ross Cosmos"

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the dismissal of Dmitry Rogozin from the post of director of the Roscosmos Foundation was not related to his professional activities, noting that Rogozin would be appointed to a new position.

In response to a question about whether Rogozin’s dismissal from Roscosmos was due to the presence of notes about his work, Peskov said today, Friday: “No, it’s not connected with any observations, everything is fine. within these limits.”

Peskov added: “Rogozin will be appointed at the right time, and he will start a new job. This will be announced in due course.”

For his part, Rogozin expressed gratitude and gratitude to the employees of the rocket and space industry for their work during the years of his leadership of Roscosmos.

“Thank you, comrades, for your service, for restless nights and sleepless nights under the onslaught of rocket launches, and for the happiness that we shared with success,” the former head of the Roscosmos Foundation said in a video message.

Rogozin also expressed his happiness to be directly involved in the “revival of Russian space.”

Earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin made changes to the composition of the Russian government, including the dismissal of Dmitry Rogozin as director of the Ross Cosmos Foundation and the appointment of Yuri Borisov to this position after Borisov’s dismissal from the post of head of the Russian state. Vice Prime Minister.

Source: RIA Novosti + TASS

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