The Kremlin comments on the issue of the transition of Russia and Turkey to national currencies in trade between them

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the dollar is no longer a reliable reserve currency, and these concerns have become common to many countries around the world.

Peskov told reporters on Monday that the increase in the share of settlements in the national currency between Russia and Turkey is not aimed at “destroying something”, especially the dollar.

This happened in response to the question of whether the goal of reducing dollar settlements and expanding settlements in national currencies is a “collapse of the US currency.”

The official added: “The increase in the share of mutual settlements in national currencies with different countries is not aimed at something, in particular, at the depreciation of the dollar, since the dollar is no longer a reliable reserve currency, and now these concerns have been removed. shared by a very large number.” Of the countries, unfortunately, the dollar-issuing country has destabilized confidence in this currency by its actions, therefore, in a completely natural way, many countries are looking for opportunities to reduce the share of the dollar in their trade and increase the share of settlements in their national currency. The same process is happening in our relations with Turkey .

And at the end of last week, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak announced after a meeting between the presidents of Russia and Turkey that Putin and Erdogan had agreed to sell part of Russian gas to Turkey for rubles.

“They discussed gas supplies to Turkey, which is supplied in fairly large volumes: 26 billion cubic meters per year. During the talks, the presidents of the two countries agreed that part of the gas supplies would be paid in rubles,” he said.

He added: “We are talking about a gradual transition to national currencies, and at the first stage, part of the supplies will be paid in Russian rubles.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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