The Italy star’s phone was hacked and his naked photo was published

Italy star David Frattisi was the victim of a hacker who hacked into his phone to steal a nude photo of him that he posted on the player’s personal Instagram account.

On Monday afternoon, the Italian’s followers saw a picture in which the 22-year-old Sassuolo midfielder appeared completely naked.

A photo that was shared by a hacker through the social platform’s “stories” feature before being deleted hours later by a player who explained what happened.

Fratisi noted that he was quick to remove the image, expressing regret and apology to his followers, but the image sat for several hours before it was removed, helping to spread it on social media.

“Sorry guys, but someone somehow hacked into my phone and posted this photo… I’m sorry!” Fratisi wrote.

And in some cases, social networks can be the worst ally of users.

Atlanta goalkeeper Musso recently faced a similar situation when he posted a photo of his partner on his Instagram account.

Musso appeared in the room’s mirror naked while taking pictures of his girlfriend before noticing it and taking the initiative to remove it, but it was too late.

His followers noticed the reflection of his nude image in the mirror, prompting them to take screenshots of the photo and post it on social media.

But Musso reprinted the photo again and appeared fully dressed on it, which means he took the same frame with a new photo.

Source: Spanish newspaper AS

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