The Israeli army responds to the UN report accusing it of killing Shirin Abu Akle and demands that"bullet"

The Israeli army reacted to the report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, which accused the Israeli side of the murder of Palestinian-American journalist Shirin Abu Akle by Israeli forces.

The army said in a statement: “Following a biased investigation, the IDF once again calls on the Palestinians to hand over the bullet fired on Palestinian journalist Shirin Abu Akla, as the Palestinians’ refusal to hand over the bullet and conduct a joint investigation symbolizes the motives of the Palestinian side. It is noteworthy that talk of an operational incident took place during Campaign Arrests were made in the Jenin refugee camp, where firefights broke out between IDF forces and Palestinian militants.

Following this incident, the IDF is conducting an investigation to determine the circumstances of the journalist’s murder. An IDF investigation confirms that the journalist was not shot on purpose and that it is impossible to establish whether she was hit by Palestinian gunmen who fired indiscriminately or near her. An IDF soldier fired incorrectly.

The IDF deplores the injury of innocent people, even in the crossfire or on the battlefield, and pays great attention to ensuring freedom of action and press coverage.

Source: RT

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