The Iraqi Ministry of Planning released labor force statistics: 16.5 is the unemployment rate in the country.

Today, Tuesday, the Iraqi Ministry of Planning released statistics on the labor force in the country, indicating that the unemployment rate in Iraq has reached 16.5%.

“One of the important indicators shown by the survey was that 15-year-olds make up about 64% of the total population,” Planning Minister Khaled Battal said at a press conference in Baghdad.

He added: “Men made up about 50% of them and women 50%, which is almost equal. The youth group aged 15-24 years accounted for 21%, and the age group 25 years and older – 43% of the total. population, and the unemployment rate was 16.5%.

He pointed out that “as a result of the survey, many results and indicators of great importance for development have been obtained.”

The Planning Minister urged “stakeholders and responsible parties in Iraq, including line ministries and civil society organizations, to obtain performance information from this survey and not be based on false information.”

Source: RT

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