The Incredible Story of the Second Fastest Goal in Premier League History and its Unforgettable Owner

Bournemouth’s Dane Philip Billing made English Premier League history by scoring an early goal against hosts Arsenal (2-3) in a clash that brought them together on Saturday night.

Philip Billing scored against the hosts just 9 seconds and 11 splits of a second into the match, scoring the second fastest goal in Premier League history, according to the Opta Statistical Network.

Whereas Irish striker Shane Long scored the fastest goal in English Premier League history when he scored against Watford 7 seconds and 69 seconds later in April 2019.

But Philip Billing’s goal was bitter, although fellow Argentine defender Marcos Senesi doubled the score in the 57th minute.

And that’s because the Arsenal team managed to come back from afar with a lethal Remontada, scoring three goals in a row as they equalized thanks to both Ghanaian Thomas Partey and Englishman Benjamin White in two minutes (62, 70). , respectively.

And then English defender Reese Nelson scored the winner in the seventh minute of stoppage time at the Emirates Stadium in London.

Arsenal are steadily on their way to winning the Premier League for the first time in 19 years as they top the table with 63 points, 5 points behind second-place defending champions Manchester City with 12 matches to go. from the final.

Source: RT

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