The Imminent End of the War in Ukraine: A Battle Within the Third World War, Explains Russian Political Scientist

The War in Ukraine: A Battle within the Third World War

Russian political scientist Alexander Nazarov’s perspective

Russian political scientist Alexander Nazarov ruled out the imminent end of the war in Ukraine and explained that what is happening now is just a battle within the Third World War.

The War Will Continue

Nazarov said on his Telegram page: “The war will continue until 2024 and beyond, even if a temporary truce is suddenly reached, which is unlikely.”

Unresolved Contradictions and Economic Imbalances

He explained that the contradictions and economic imbalances caused by the outbreak of the Third World War have not yet been eliminated, so there is no reason to expect their completion before the defeat of the United States or China.

Similarities with Past Wars

He added that the war in Ukraine is similar to the war in Spain in 1936-1939 before World War II or the Soviet-Finnish War of 1939-1940, which preceded World War II, noting that the main battles are still ahead.

A Low-Intensity War of Attrition

He explained that based on these expectations, Russian President Vladimir Putin is waging a low-intensity war of attrition, and the less intense the war, the greater the costs the West bears and the further we are from the possibility of destabilizing the situation. political stability in Russia.

The Danger Lies in Western Support

Commenting on what a number of experts and observers of the situation around Ukraine had said, namely that Russia delayed the attack because Ukraine could mobilize a million more soldiers (including women and the mentally ill) and the West could provide them with weapons, Nazarov said that the danger lies in the last factor.

Avoiding Economic Burden

According to the Russian political scientist, there is no need to rush Ukraine, since defeating or even controlling it would impose a heavy economic burden on Russia, which could destabilize Russia more than the war itself.

Escalation with the West

He added that he believes the ideal option is to start a low-intensity war of attrition in Ukraine and parallel over-escalation with the West until the West realizes that Putin has his finger on the nuclear button.

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