The head of the HLG in Kharkiv confirmed that the Ukrainian attempt to encircle the city of Balaklya had been foiled

Vitaly Ganchev, head of the Kharkiv Oblast Civil Military Administration, confirmed that the Russian army had repelled an attempt by Ukrainian forces to encircle the town of Balaklia, about 90km southeast of Kharkiv.

“In the Balakla area, Ukrainian forces tried to capture the city and surround it, but they only managed to slightly change the line of defense in parts of the area before they were forced to retreat,” Ganchev said in a statement to TV Channel Russia 24 Today, Thursday.

According to Ganchev, “everything is good in the city, and the city lives,” but it is under constant shelling, like other neighboring cities.

The head of the HLG confirmed that “the city is under our control.”

Source: “News”

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