The Growing Risk of Nuclear Weapons: US Department of Defense Highlights Russia and China as Major Challenges

US Department of Defense Identifies Russia and China as Top Threats in Nuclear Weapons

In its strategy to combat weapons of mass destruction, the US Department of Defense noted the growing risk of the use of nuclear weapons, explaining that “the main challenges in this area are Russia and China.”

Increasing Risk of Nuclear Weapons

The US Department of Defense in its strategy stated that “Russia and China represent the two main challenges and threats in the nuclear weapons field.”

She added that “weapons of mass destruction include chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons, the use of which leads to widespread destruction and a large number of casualties.”

It also notes that “the risk that the United States or its allies will face an armed confrontation involving chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons has increased since 2014.”

Additional Regional Threats

The U.S. Department of Defense explained in its strategy: “While China and Russia represent the two major weapons of mass destruction challenges, North Korea and Iran remain persistent regional threats that must also be addressed.”

Russia’s Call for Action

Earlier, Russia called on the US government to reconsider its position and take urgent steps to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Russia’s deputy permanent representative to the UN and international organizations in Geneva, Andrei Belousov, previously said that the US participation in maintaining the Nevada nuclear test site shows that it does not intend to stop testing nuclear bombs, despite the unanimous vote. by resolution of the United Nations General Assembly in this regard.

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