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The former President of Moldova accuses the current President of involvement in the abuse of his mother

The former President of Moldova accuses the current President of involvement in the abuse of his mother

Former Moldovan President Igor Dodon has accused current President Maria Sando of facilitating the abuse of his mother during an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office.

A group of civil activists raped the mother of the former President of Moldova Dodon, Galina Dodon, in the building of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, and the head of the press service of the department, Maria Kerbek, told reporters that the woman was summoned to inform her about the results of the examination of the ammunition that was found during the inspection activities at her home . Earlier, the prosecutor’s office accused the ex-president’s mother of complicity in a case of illicit enrichment initiated against him.

Dodon wrote on social media: “Why do you allow people like Litvinenko (Minister of Justice) and his prosecutors to organize aggressive and civil trials within legal institutions? You don’t have mothers? Why do you allow unbalanced citizens, under the auspices of the ruling Action and Solidarity Party, to insult an elderly person so much? publicly and mock him? Such things are not forgiven and are not forgotten.

The former president confirmed that he was surprised when his mother was called in for questioning by the prosecutor’s office, and continued indignantly: “Several hunting cartridges were found in a house where a hunting tradition has been entrenched for decades. Is this sufficient reason to call an elderly woman to the prosecutor’s office? Are you afraid that My mother is staging a coup?

The former president of Moldova was arrested at the end of May last year, placed under house arrest on charges of “illegal enrichment, corruption, illegal financing of parties and treason.” The prosecutor’s office also said that a few days ago, another case was submitted to the court.

Dodon is accused of facilitating the signing of a contract for the purchase of electricity in 2008, as a result of which the state received compensation in the amount of $11.9 million. Investigators believe that the purchase price for electricity increased unreasonably, and the difference in the calculations ended up in favor of shell companies. For his part, the former president said he was accused of negotiating the purchase of electricity in Ukraine in 2008 at a price below that paid by end-users in neighboring countries, noting that such accusations are absurd and lawyers can easily explain them. why the plaintiffs hastened to take this case to court, despite the lack of evidence, Dodon and the Socialist Party, which he previously headed, consider the criminal cases initiated against him as political revenge on the part of the current president of the republic, Maia Sandhu.

Source: RIA Novosti


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