The former captain of the Ukrainian national futsal team returns to his Russian club

Goalkeeper and former captain of the futsal team, Ukrainian Evgeny Ivanyak, returned to training for the Torpedo team in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

“I am happy to return to our team again to become part of the Torpedo structure,” said the 39-year-old goalkeeper. He noted that the club has created all the conditions for achieving sporting achievements.

Ivanyak ended his career in the Ukrainian national team in 2021, has been playing for his country since 2005 and was twice recognized as the best goalkeeper in the country.

Ivanyak played for the clubs “Torpedo”, “Time” and the Russian “Dina”.

The goalkeeper began his career in the world of big football, but later, on the advice of coach Viktor Jok, he switched to mini-football.


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