The First-Ever Team-Up in The History of Overwatch 2 is With The One-Man Punch

Overwatch fans worldwide will be able to participate in a limited-time collaboration that brings One Punch Man into the game between March 7th and April 6th. Well, sort of.

Overwatch 2 is With The One-Man Punch

Overwatch players can unlock a fusion skin that transforms Doomfist into Saitama, the legendary protagonist from One Punch Man, for a month. It’s fitting, given that Doomfist has a massive fist… And Saitama has a reasonably powerful fist?

Overwatch creator Blizzard has had plans for several months to create crossover events in Overwatch 2 similar to those found in Fortnite. So, here we are.

The First in a Series

This is Overwatch’s first collaboration with another IP, but it should not be the last. Because Overwatch 2 has shifted to a free-to-play model, funding for ongoing development must come from somewhere, and developers typically have two options:

  • Skins
  • Battle Pass

Of course, Overwatch 2 has both, and this collaboration will almost certainly be profitable, if only marginally so, for Blizzard, especially since it is a limited-time offer. In an interview with Game Informer last September, Blizzard’s VP of Overwatch, Jon Spector, stated:

… We’ve been focusing more on those collaborations as things we might be interested in doing. And less on the ads in our game stuff… We want to be able to provide content for many years to come.

Overwatch 2 is With The One-Man Punch

That promise has finally come true after several months in the form of a One Punch Man x Overwatch crossover. Several skins are reportedly dropping at the heart of the update, which coincides with Season Three of the game, as well as an exclusive, customized loading screen.

Overwatch 2 will also get a brand-new map in Season Three and a limited-time Valentine’s Day event. Isn’t this an exciting time to be an Overwatch fan?

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