The first comment of the champion of Egypt in sumo about the expulsion of the Egyptian team from America

Egyptian sumo champion Abdel Rahman Al-Saifi said that the team’s delegation was expelled from the hotel-residence in America after receiving a gold medal and stealing it from their Ukrainian competitor.

Abdel Rahman Al-Saifi took first place twice within minutes of finishing his final match with a victory over his Ukrainian opponent before the match referee decided to repeat it as a punishment due to his celebration, which he considered provocative, before than the champion of Egypt confirmed his superiority and repeated his first place.

Abdul Rahman As-Saifi said: “Everything that has been reported about the expulsion of the Egyptian team is completely wrong, and we – since our arrival in the United States – have been very focused on only one goal – to achieve; For the happiness of the Egyptian people.

Abdul Rahman Al-Saifi explained: The mission is currently not experiencing any crisis in America, especially after the announcement of the rematch, and the match referee reserved a way to celebrate in the final match, and the sumo mission’s role is over; After reaching the first, fourth and seventh positions.

At the end of his speech, he emphasized: I am proud of the achievement of the gold medal, and everyone should not look at such talk and neglect the achievement.

Source: Cairo 24

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