The final war of the United States!

After leaving the Vietnamese quagmire on March 29, 1970, the United States continued its wars and invasions around the world, never having learned the lessons of that bloody and destructive war against a “small country”.

In that brutal war, the United States used every conventional weapon in its arsenal against people and stones, and even against the forests in which the defenders of their country took refuge, with the help of “agent orange”, which is a tree. and herbicide to deprive the Vietnamese of it, wiping them out.

At the height of the Vietnamese hell, the number of American troops was over 540,000, and the manpower of the Americans and their allies from Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand and South Korea was incomparably larger and better equipped with North Vietnamese and South Vietnamese fighters.

During the years of that war, the US dropped over 6.7 million tons of bombs on Vietnam, more than twice the amount dropped on Germany in World War II, and killed about two million civilians.

However, the United States was killed in a war in which it was overwhelmingly superior on land, air and sea, over 50,000 soldiers were killed and over 300,000 were wounded, in addition to 1,700 soldiers missing, and the US Air Force lost more than 3,300 aircraft. According to the US.

American losses did not end there: after the end of the war, from 20,000 to 150,000 veterans of this country committed suicide, according to various estimates.

As for North Vietnam and the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, known as the Viet Cong, over a million people were killed and up to 600,000 were wounded during that war.

All these horrendous numbers did not change anything in the American mentality, obsessed with brute force, and, even worse, did not affect the conscience of the politicians of this country, and remained absent and without a trace.

The harsh lesson of Vietnam did not stop the American military and Washington politicians, and it lasted only 10 years, when in 1983 US President Ronald Reagan ordered the invasion of the small island of Grenada and the overthrow of his anti-American government.

Then another seven years passed, and the United States unleashed Desert Storm, then invaded Somalia, bombed Belgrade, the capital of Yugoslavia, invaded Afghanistan, and occupied that country for twenty years before they had to leave in disillusionment.

Since the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasions and campaigns of the Americans and their allies in Iraq, Libya and Syria have spilled copious blood, corpses, war crimes, and the irresponsible killing of civilians.

Now the United States is moving towards an open and dangerous confrontation with the two superpowers, Russia and China. Washington is brazenly and without any sense of responsibility provoking Beijing over Taiwan and Russia over Ukraine.

In this great risk, the United States seems to be racing against time to stop the wheel of history and risk all human life on earth to maintain a hegemony that is beginning to erode and crumble. The desperate desire of the United States to provoke Russia and China is, in fact, a prelude to a war that, if it breaks out, will be the last.

Source: RT

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